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Q. What are the Visa rules for visiting Hong Kong?
Ans.: Most of the vacationers from other countries can enter Hong Kong without a Visa for a period of about seven to 180 days, depending upon their nationality. Please take a look at the Visa guidelines laid down by the Hong Kong Immigration department for further information. However, to enter the mainland China, you still need a different Visa.

Q. How to enter Hong Kong?
Ans. The Hong Kong International Airport is widely connected through its direct flights that brings and takes visitors from all over the world. Most of the major Oceanic, European and North American cities are served by at least one daily flight from this widely famous airport terminal. In fact, Many cities like Sydney, Melbourne, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and other major world centers have more than single flights for the day.

Q. How to commute in Hong Kong?
Ans. Hong Kong is a world class city having an efficient public transport system. In fact, the system is one of the best of its kind in the whole world. You can choose from a wide range of bus, tram, subway(MTR) and train service. The city’s ferry service is an attraction in itself. Having signs and announcements in both English and local Cantonese, navigation through Hong Kong is pretty easy.

Q. What’s the best time to visit Hong Kong?
Ans. The best time to visit Hong Kong is during the period of September to early February when the city enjoys a mild climate with low humidity and clear skies. March and April are the spring months though the humidity can reach eighty percent levels on many occasions. May to September is the summer season when the city witnesses at least one or two severe typhoons every year.

Q. Where to stay in Hong Kong?
Ans.  Since Hong Kong is a compact city, you are never too far from the major tourist attractions and shopping hubs of the city. You can choose hotels according to your budget and requirements from the many located along the harbour front. There are many options even within the busy bylanes of Kowloon’s metropolitan areas. For a more relaxing alternative, you can look farther at the resort type hotels too offered by the outlying Islands and New Territories.

Q. Is there any need for travel insurance while travelling to Hong Kong?
Ans. Travel insurance is a mandatory part of the vacation planning that has to be taken care whether you are travelling to Hong Kong or any other part of the world.  

Q. What are the things that need to be kept in mind while dealing with Hong Kong people?
Ans. Hong Kong people are generally are very warm and friendly. However, it is considered to be highly disrespectful if you photograph them without their permission. Ask them and few would actually prohibit you from taking photos. While you are with them, avoid discussing about any religious or political issues as it may create a rift in their attitude.  

Q. Are the restaurants and shops closed during the common public holidays such as the famous Chinese New Year?
Ans. Most of the major shops and restaurants remain open during the public holidays. Even during the Chinese New Year, Few of them close for just the first two days of the festivals and resume working from the third day.

Q. Do Hong Kong shops accept credit cards?
Ans. Though most of the shops of the city accept credit cards, shopping at open air markets requires cash. It is best if you get an adequate amount of both cash and credit card to make your experience of staying in Hong Kong a pleasant memory.

Q. Is Hong Kong safe?
Ans. Hong Kong is one of the safest cities of the world. Even during the night, you can walk alone without any issues. However, to make your stay a pleasant one, always take extra care of all your belongings.

Q. Is English sufficient to communicate with the local Hong Kong public?
Ans. Though Cantonese is the popular language, English is the preferred language for most of the government, tourism and business sectors. Most of the taxi drivers, salespeople and police have competent English proficiency. Even all official announcements, public signs and menus are in both Cantonese and English languages.   

Q. What are the commonly used phone numbers that need to be kept in mind during any kind of emergency in Hong Kong?
Ans. If there is any kind of emergency, you can dial any of the following numbers for help. To contact Hong Kong Police, dial 999. For any other kind of medical emergency, dial 2961 8989.

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