The place, legally a part of China, is a Special Administrative Region surrounded by beautiful skylines and breathtaking deep natural harbors. The place punches well above its class; what with all the attractions and sightseeing opportunities it offers to its visitors. Being one of the most densely populated areas of the world, the city offers a unique experience to its tourists with its multiple personalities, that of being both Chinese as well as a modern day ex-British colony along with cultural influences from places as diverse as Vancouver and Vietnam.

Hong Kong is a great place for both foodies as well as travel junkies. You can just stop in the street to sample fish balls on a stick or opt for as much dim-sums your heart desires. If you are looking for special Chinese specialties, go for the pineapple buns, wife cake, and egg tarts from a local bakery. The place is also home to some of the world’s top chefs like Joel Robouchon and Alain Ducasse, whose upscale offerings will just melt in your mouth leaving you wanting for more.

Offering a unique blend of east and west, the city is a modern masterpiece built on an ancient civilization. The place enjoys the title of being World’s most vertical city due to numerous skyscrapers glittering in the skyline. The quality of life enjoyed by its citizens is very high what with the country enjoying a high international ranking in economic freedom, quality of life, Human Development Index, corruption perception, financial competiveness, and others. In fact, it enjoys a certain western style freedom, you would rarely hear of in the Mainland China.

In addition to various popular mainland attractions such as the Avenue of Stars, Po Lin Monastery, and Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, the place is also a hub of various themed adventure experiences such as sleeping beauty castle, Madame Tussaauds, and Ma Wan Park Noah’s Ark. The more you explore the city, the more the city will knock your sunglasses off your face. In fact, it is due to the deep beautiful waters between the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula that a small collection of fishing villages is today counted among the major economic hubs of the world. It is this Victoria Harbor that offers the ever- throbbing heart of the city in all its splendor and glory.

With its culture revolving around both tradition and modernity, the city’s calendar is always choc-a- bloc with various happenings. From Halloween bashes to Chinese New Year celebrations to various quirky and ancient local festivities, the challenge lies in making a choice. So, just jump in and join in the celebrations that never stop in this ever- beautiful and ever- throbbing World city – Hong Kong.

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